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Stéphane Huriet

Advisor and trainer

Advisor, trainer, and specialist at StraTJ for over 4 years, Stéphane was a senior officer in the professional fire department and specialized in technological risks and forest fires.


After 25 years with the French Civil Security, he left operational roles to pursue a second career in 2015.

Holder of a Master's degree in Risk Management, Stéphane Huriet continued his professional journey in Africa, working for the European Union. Based in Morocco and working for the benefit of 10 West African countries, he spent 4 years as an on-site expert in security/safety related to NRBC (nuclear, radiological, biological, and chemical) risk management.

Now settled in Quebec, he embarks on the third chapter of his professional career by engaging in security issues at both municipal and industrial levels. His expertise now takes him to work on different continents, for organizations with very diverse profiles.

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