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Simulation with deployment


Training description

This exercise, with field deployment, ideally follows the "non-deployment level 2 simulation". According to your realities, the scenario is established with you, your objectives, and the scope you wish to give to the exercise.


The simulation may involve only the company's employees, or it may involve other players such as the municipal fire department, the Municipal Civil Protection Organization (MCPO), or any other organization that has a role to play in the event of a disaster affecting your company. Basic scenarios can be proposed to you, strategies that we will adapt to your organization. But you may also want to test a particular situation that is specific to you, in which case we will build the scenario around your indications.


The scenario set up, the definition of the objectives to be reached, and the devices or procedures to be tested will be co-defined by you and StraTJ within a small steering group.

The main objectives are :

  • To allow an appreciation of the gaps between the theoretical devices and the realities related to the deployment

  • To test the interaction between the different actors contributing to the management of an incident

  • To ensure an efficient flow of information and instructions within the organization

Duration: 7 hours

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