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Complies with Ministry of Public Security regulations

Very easy to use and operations-oriented, the plan includes guides, clear task lists and ready-to-use forms.


Content overview:

  • Civil security law

  • Portrait of the municipality (specific risks, population, history of civil security events, etc.)

  • MOCS and alert scheme

  • Emergency Measures Coordination Center (EMCC)

  • The different missions (coordination, fire, public works, administration, communications, IT, disaster victims services, etc.)

  • Retrospective following a disaster

  • Maintenance and update program

  • Guides, forms and multiple templates

* For bilingual municipalities, a French version is available, at an additional cost.

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We offer you the complete review and enhancement of your current Civil Security Plan.


This proposal includes, among others, the following new documents:

  • Civil security committee

  • Integration of new employees

  • Disabled citizens

  • Templates of instructions for the disaster victims service center

  • Welcoming non-citizen disaster victims

  • Questions to ask yourself as a coordinator for different types of claims

  • Alert and mobilization procedure optimized for the three clienteles

  • Resources directory instructions

  • Optimized accountability

  • Equipment loan form

  • Optimized transaction register

  • Improved accreditation process

  • Family mission and associated forms, etc.

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For customers who already have civil Security plan made by StraTJ



Requirement from the Dam Safety Bureau of the Ministry of Sustainable Development, Environment and the Fight against Climate Change

  • Read documentation et make research regarding the local dam(s) and ministry requirements

  • Analysis of potential scenarios

  • Meetings with officials from Public Works and the Fire Department

  • Emergency Plan preparation for flooding by dam failure and ensure the junction with the overall Civil Security Plan, including, among others, the following sections:

    • Special features of the dam

    • Alert scheme (targeted citizens, MOCS)

    • Tasks and verifications by mission

    • Involvement of external resources

    • Instructions for disaster victims

    • Communication plan for citizens potentially at risk

    • Templates of preventive communications to citizens 

    • Templates of communications in emergency situations

    • Automated call system 

    • List of external stakeholders and specific resources

    • Assessment and scenarios

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