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A cross-sectional analysis

provides an overview
situation in terms of current
regulations in force, as well as
as well as the objectives and standards for your company.

Test the provisions contained in the EMP, validate the alert and mobilization process, test the resource directory, highlight the strengths of the current system and highlight areas for improvement.


Potentially confronted with exceptional situations, having a continuity plan makes it possible to
unforeseen events and their impact on business activities, so that the company can continue
continue to operate with as little disruption as possible.

Coordinating the actions of the various players and services directly on the site of an incident requires specialized tools.

Developed by StraTJ to stimulate discussion, this tool includes 125 real-life scenarios that will help you clarify and review the right actions to take when managing emergency measures in the workplace. (Available in french only)

We develop or revise in a format designed for those involved in the action. Each role-specific section
includes required forms,
lists and diagrams.


Whom would lead an evacuation, and who would fulfill the various roles and responsibilities? What are the evacuation routes and assembly points? 

Aimed at managers and other decision-makers, this training course looks at how to step back from the pressures of time to make informed decisions and implement realistic actions.
to make informed decisions and implement realistic actions.

Instructions, clear explanations, simple exercises, concrete tools, all to help you be more effective in your role as emergency measures coordinator.

In the event of an emergency, the StraTJ app optimizes reaction, communication and intervention times, as well as operational costs - while offering effective monitoring and control.

Specific response plan (SRPs) are guides for managing emergency situations, preparing actions in greater detail, listing and allocating tasks by responder and by specific event.


Mandatory, but lacking the time to organize it? You could entrust us with the preparation and holding of the exercise, in a turnkey, tailor-made formula.

Fundamental principles of emergency response. Although each major incident has its own specific characteristics, there are a number of principles that can be applied for every undesired event.


How do you test your emergency response plan? How to involve and interest those who will have a role to play in the event of an incident? You will leave with a simulation model and interactive content that you can adapt to your needs.

Services | Municipalités

Better prepared today, more resilient tomorrow.

StraTJ offers a 3-part specialized and tailored approach; professional services, proprietary technologies and specialized tools. 

Since 2014, we have been developing emergency response plans and specific intervention plans, offering face-to-face or virtual training, conducting evacuation exercises and developing logistics kits and an emergency response management application with a single goal in mind: to make you better equipped to deal with exceptional situations.

The structure of StraTJ's incident management offer is based above all on the fundamentals of Canadian standards and requirements, but with a human touch; accessible and focused on making your job easier in stressful situations.









The StraTJ  approach

Attentive to expressed needs, our assignments are based on the initial phase of information gathering. This entails analyzing and comprehending current operational procedures, identifying encountered challenges, adhering to obligations and specified quality standards, reviewing past events, identifying risks, acquainting ourselves with documents evolving among various stakeholders over time, and ultimately, clarifying the objectives to be attained.

StraTJ relies on two essential international standards to shape its emergency and continuity management approach: the Z1600 standard for "Emergency and continuity management program" and the Z731 standard for "Planning emergency measures and interventions".

Additionally, we ensure the implementation of incident management structures that align with existing frameworks, facilitating seamless interaction among stakeholders. StraTJ also advocates for cross-functionality, encouraging major incident management, communications, business continuity, and other crucial teams to adopt an open-compartmentalized approach for enhanced efficiency and consistency. 

Prioritizing the quality of our work and adapting services to meet client needs are integral components of our focus.
At every stage, we remain receptive to making the necessary adjustments to meet your objectives. 









The StraTJ experience

In the last decade, throughout our various projects, our proficiency in managing large-scale organizations dealing with hazardous materials has significantly deepened.

We particularly excel in managing assignments that entail numerous obligations on the same site, including complex projects requiring compliance with both international and Quebec standards. Some of our distinguished clients in this regard include ArcelorMittal, CEZinc, Evlo Énergie, and Capitale Nationale.

A certified partner

Woman, founding President and owner, Josée Boudreault is a certified Member of We-Connect International. StraTJ adheres to several certifications, thereby ensuring a higher level of quality, facilitating controls and quality choices for its clients. Among these:

ISO9001 (Quality Management) for continuous improvement quality management.
ISO27001 (Confidentiality and Data Security)
Cybersecurity - Document destruction after a certain period
Protection of sensitive data, information confidentiality, and document security, including destruction.


Training organization

StraTJ is a training organization approved by the Commission des partenaires du marché du travail. This recognition attests to our ability to provide quality training that meets the standards and requirements established by the competent authorities.

Autorité des marchés publics (Public Markets Authority)


Authorization to contract or subcontract with a public organization.

Permits, Licenses, Criminal records & Insurance

Ensuring the safety of our operations, assets, and personnel offers peace of mind to our clients and partners. As consulting service providers, we meticulously adhere to regulations, obtaining permits, licenses, passports, and conducting criminal record checks for our team. Furthermore, we maintain CNESST coverage and liability insurance pertinent to our consulting and training services.

Access required for our assignments is generally limited to meeting rooms and training rooms. However, if other authorizations are required, we will take the necessary means to comply. Additionally, we maintain high standards of integrity and professionalism in all our activities, ensuring the trust and satisfaction of our partners and clients.

Compliance with Standards and Objectives


StraTJ attaches particular importance to ISO international standards and to your objectives*.

Hence, our team ensures that all services, documents and training are in line with these standards.

StraTJ recognizes that it has an important role to play in helping to improve the environment from a sustainable development perspective. It therefore takes concrete action, not hesitating to reflect, build, innovate and act on its actions, recommendations and services, with a view to continuous improvement.

* For instance: TSM program initiative, UL Ecologo certification.

See the complete brochure | Businesses and Organizations (french document)


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