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The StraTJ app for businesses

Designed BY and FOR response teams

Get a return on your investment in
the first 30 minutes
of an event


The Stra TJ application allows you to mobilize and alert your teams in a few clicks, in addition to offering decision support indicators.


Let our team take care of the complete project, including
implementation of initial data - all in less than 30 days.


Multisite and Multilingual, the Stra TJ application allows the sending of messages by defined group and easily configurable access rights.


The StraTJ application includes a host of preformatted events applicable to all types of exceptional situations.


Gain efficiency with quick access to your plans, procedures, task lists and operations log. View your real-time status dashboard.


Get user traceability, real-time updates to your plans and documents, compilation of responses to live alerts and automated directory updates - without re-entry


Operable on all types of conventional operating systems: Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android and Chrome, the Stra TJ application adapts to your mobile and office work tools.


Propel up to 6000 messages per minute, add an unlimited number of users and automatically compile contributions.


We treat data security according to international standards, in addition to offering user traceability through mapping with geopositioning.


After the initial implementation of the data (directory and documents) and the configuration of the administrators, our team also provides your remote technical support, if necessary.

A tool that pays off from its first use


  • Unlimited number of users

  • Initial Configurations and Integrations

  • Delivery in less than 30 days

  • Data security according to international standards

  • Continuous developments

  • Automatic annual update

  • One annual fee - all included


“Intuitive! "

“The application is easy to use and not complicated! "



“We have been working with StraTJ from the start. They listen to our needs and work with great professionalism. "

Christian Chartier

Directeur / Enquêteur / T.P.I. – Service de sécurité incendie

Ville de Princeville


“Ease! "

The application makes it easy for us to access our PPIs and our contacts. It is very easy to use
and to implant. "


“Availability! "

The team is available and attentive to our needs. The team is easily reachable to help us with our files. "

Jocelyn Danis TPI
Chef de division opérations
Service de sécurité incendie
Ville de Cowansville

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