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Specific intervention plans are guides for managing emergency situations that allow you to prepare interventions more precisely and to list and distribute tasks by intervention teams for specific events.

They will allow you, among other things, to know what to do regarding the various risks present for your territory, to define who does what, to understand what questions to ask for the emergency measures coordinator, to obtain clear examples of situations where you must change the alert level and call in the intervention teams, etc.

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* For bilingual organizations, a French version is available, at an additional cost.

Fumée industrielle

Hazardous material


pilone électrique.jpeg

Major electrical failure

Flooding - water damage

Image de NASA

Tornado and high winds

Image de Filip Bunkens

Winter storm

heat wave.jpeg

Extreme heat

Image de Wolfgang Hasselmann

Landslide - ground movement

Image de Jarrett Mills


Clavier de jeu


Arme de poing et munitions

Active shooter - extreme violence

Usine automobile

Customized PPI

Bureau de travail


feu de forêt


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