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A comprehensive offer, from turnkey to à la carte solutions!


Our mission: To support your preparation today and your resilience tomorrow.


Since 2014, our team of specialists has had the privilege of supporting over 200 teams across Quebec.

The StraTJ approach facilitates the transition from awareness to action through specialized tools, clear municipal civil security plans (MCSPs), practical specific intervention plans, operationally-focused training and progressive simulations.

Find out more about our specific offer for Municipalities and RCMs.

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In response to the changing needs of your teams, we offer flexible, tailor-made, 12 months support plans. Periodic appointments will allow us to support you in your management of civil protection. A bank of hours fully tailored to your needs.

This introductory course is designed to provide a better understanding of the foundations of civil protection, the roles and responsibilities of authorities and responders, as well as their main legal obligations.




Tailor-made training, comprising an initial theoretical part, followed by a second practical part, which will enable the team to experience the opening of the disaster services center and take part in role-playing exercises.

To ensure the best response, the MCSO team must have a clear understanding of the EOC opening process, the factors to be considered and the tasks to be accomplished. 

The different sides of stress during emergency measures will be addressed, as well as methods and lessons to enable responders to function in the midst of constant upheaval and initial and secondary crises resulting from a disaster.


An initial mobilization and disaster scenario based on the real risks in the area. The objective: to highlight areas for improvement BEFORE a first event. You'll be proud to have accomplished it together!

Tools for better protection and service! Our logistics kits include OMSC, Services aux Sinistrés and COUS logistics packages.

3 specialized tools (in french), developed to enhance your knowledge of civil protection. Discover the fun tools OMSC, SERVICES AUX SINISTRÉS and 72 ZEURS - TÉTUPRETT? for families.

The comprehensive, operations-oriented MEPP V3.0 is the result of 3 years of work. Written to facilitate rapid understanding in exceptional situations, the plan includes guides, task lists, diagrams, detachable forms and instructions, as well as a "knowledge" section.

The aim of this training course is to explore the task list through role-playing and interactive discussions, identify the work to be done in preparation, and draw up an action plan based on the needs identified.

To better understand how the Municipal Civil Security Organization (MCSO) operates during operations, and to grasp their political role in risk mitigation, well in advance of events, as well as their special powers when a state of emergency is declared.

Instructions, clear explanations, simple exercises, concrete tools : all to help you be more effective in your role as emergency measures coordinator.

This training course is divided into two relatively formal chapters to put the On-site Emergency Operations center in context and understand how it works:

1. From the field to the ministries, a pyramidal and interdepartmental organization 

2. The interdepartmental round table in a OEOC.


What emerges from this exercise are teams that are better equipped, better prepared and more resilient in the face of a real emergency, while maintaining their constant interest through dynamic learning. 

Grab your personal waterproof kit and go! Opt for the 15L bag or the Pelican case, both of which already contain a whole range of useful tools in case of evacuation.

Communication is a major issue in emergency situations. Our releases are written, revised and adapted to your municipality.

SRPs are guides aiming to support your management in emergency situations, help thinking sequentially in the event of a disaster, prepare more precise responses and list and allocate tasks by mission for typical events. 



The aim of this training course is to provide an overview of the elements required to prepare, open and manage a disaster service center in the event of a potential disaster.

This training course is designed to help you develop your skills and prepare for decision-making in an emergency situation. Having to understand and deal with the characteristics of a degraded situation is very different from what managers normally experience on a day-to-day basis.



The purpose of this training is to provide employees with a basic understanding of civil protection, and to help them understand the structure that will be put in place in the event of activation of the Municipal Civil Protection Plan.


In addition to pilots' mastery of the flight, this training course will enable you to use the information gathered by the drone to inform decision-makers, process images and facilitate event management.


In the event of an emergency, the StraTJ app optimizes reaction, communication and intervention times, as well as operational costs - while offering effective monitoring and control.

Simplify your logistics during emergency measures with a complete and versatile display of different locations.


Register new Municipal Civil Protection Organization (OMSC) team members for introductory training courses and track their progress. A platform that helps you keep the team up to date.

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