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Developed according to your level of preparedness

Whether you are just taking your first steps in emergency measures or at a more advanced level, it can seem complex to determine the next steps to take in order to improve the level of resilience of your organization, which is why we have built hassle-free packages adapted to your needs.


Perfect for cities and municipalities wanting to establish a solid foundation in terms of civil security and emergency measures.

The program includes:

  • Civil Security Plan

  • 7 specific intervention plans

  • Introduction to civil security training

  • Training for municipal elected officials

  • Disaster victims services - Level 1 training

  • Review and preparation of missions

  • Mobilization and table simulation

Program specifically designed for cities and municipalities with an intermediate or advanced level of preparedness in civil security and emergency measures that have completed the steps of The Essentials program.

This program includes:

  • 7 additional specific intervention plans 

  • Opening an emergency measures coordination center training

  • Disaster victims services - level 2 training

  • A second table simulation with mobilization

  • Stress management during emergency measures training

  • Specialized emergency measures press kit

  • Preventive communications package

  • Set of signboards for emergency measures




A turnkey formula designed for cities and municipalities that have already reached a certain level of preparedness in terms of civil protection, with the aim of being able to pursue their efforts and optimize the knowledge and skills of their municipal teams.

This service includes:

  • One 4 hour training to choose from a selected range

  • One 4 hour table simulation

  • Guide to the mobilization exercise to do during the year, retrospective included

  • Update of the Municipal Civil Security Plan, including new features made to the document since its original delivery

  • Addition of 1 specific intervention plan

  • Support in the annual maintenance check (approximately 5 hours): telephone or in person meeting with the civil security coordinator.

*Travel costs not included.

This service will allow you to benefit from personalized support at all times, by your side, in order to guide you in the decisions to be made during the tumult of disaster-related events.


We offer a bank of 10 hours of personalized coordination support which includes:

  • Access to resources specialized in crisis management

  • A specific emergency phone number permanently accessible (24/7) allowing you to access one of our specialists for personalized advice

  • The use of one of our virtual crisis rooms to organize team meetings, with or without specialized support from us

  • Tailor-made support, on your request, according to your issues


Note that we will have to accept a limited number of municipalities to ensure we can respond to requests during wide-spread disaster.


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