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Introduction to Emergency Management

Target audience: company employees


This first training session will allow employees to understand better the principles of emergency measures management within the company. It is addressed to the response employees previously targeted in the emergency measures plan.  The objective is to create a multidisciplinary intervention team, which will take action quickly and consistently to reduce losses and thus move on to recovery more quickly.

Training description

This first training session will help answer the following questions: what disruptive situations should a company prepare for? What does an emergency plan contain? Who triggers it and when? How will the company's response to a disaster be structured?


This training will help your team understand the basics of emergency preparedness and prepare them for active participation in the response team base on real-life scenarios.


The main objectives are:

  • Create an interest in emergency preparedness

  • Prepare employees to respond appropriately in the event of an emergency

  • To provide an understanding of the organization in place in case of a disaster

  • Clarify the division of responsibilities and roles

  • Clarify procedures for alerting and mobilizing employees and the Incident Management Center (IMC) team

  • Clarify sheltering procedures

Duration : 3 hours

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