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Josée Boudreault


The atypical combination of her professional experiences allows her to understand the industrial language, technologies, as well as the challenges that cities and municipalities face.


She has held the positions of human resources director / responsible for health, safety and emergency measures, general manager at the municipal level and it was as strategic director in fire technology and civil security that she was able to meet more than 450 cities and municipalities in Quebec, giving her the opportunity to discuss and analyze their realities and needs.


She also pursued studies in civil security at the Montreal Polytechnique in order to perfect her knowledge. She is a member and certified associate in emergency measures (AMU) by the Association de sécurité civile du Québec (ASCQ), as well as a volunteer with the Red Cross.

Josée stands out for her analytical capacity and her vulgarization of processes and systems. Her objective: to facilitate the transition from awareness to action in preparation for emergency measures and thus contribute to the resilience of organizations, one step at a time. Josée is also continuously developing new tools in order to bring the best to her clients.

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