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Josée Boudreault

President - CEO

As President/Founder, Josée has held various leadership positions throughout her career, both in HR/health, safety, and emergency management in industry, as well as in municipal and fire technology and civil security sectors.


For the past 10 years, she has been mentoring and training emergency managers from organizations of various sizes. This allows her to thoroughly understand industrial language, technologies, and the challenges organizations face, distinguishing herself through her analytical skills and ability to simplify processes and systems.

In addition to her civil security training at Polytechnique Montréal, she has completed four international study missions and is currently pursuing a Master's degree (Master II in Risk Management and Civil Security at ENSOSP & UHA in France).


Certified by We-Connect International, she has undergone numerous additional training sessions such as Kaizen, Lean management, Business continuity, Exportations, Terrorism - and has met crisis center managers in Marseille, Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, Tunisia, and ERCC (Emergency Response Coordination Centre).

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