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Mastery of emergency response roles

Target audience: IMC members 


This training is intended for the Incident Management Centre (IMC) members and will deepen their knowledge of their specific roles within the IMC. Through meetings with the missions one by one, in the presence of the coordinator and the trainer, the task lists, forms and other tools for managing emergency measures will be detailed. A role-playing exercise will bring a dynamic aspect to this presentation. In the end, everyone will be able to situate themselves in the organization and master their role.

Training description

Once the "Emergency response plan activation" training is completed, to ensure integrating the concepts in a very targeted manner, each person in charge is met one by one through dynamic meetings spread out over one day. The coordinator and his substitute are invited to participate in discussions to understand each mission's role fully; they will be called upon to coordinate in the event of a disaster.


The meetings will cover the following responsibilities :

  • Coordination 

  • Fire

  • Technical Services

  • Security

  • Business continuity

  • Health and safety at work

  • Communication

  • Administration

The main objectives are: :


  • Prepare the members of the IMC to react well in case of an emergency

  • To allow a good appropriation of the tasks and tools related to each mission

  • To situate their action scope within the organization

Duration: 8 hours (meetings with the managers individually for about 1 hour each)

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