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Complete set for all your communication needs to citizens, both at the preventive level and in times of emergency measures.


The set includes, among others, the following elements:


  • Preventive communications to citizens (annual calendar of themes, short and long messages)
  • Structure of the "civil security" portion of the website
  • Notice to all municipal employees (4 capsules for 4 publications per year)
  • Ideas bank for subscription campaigns, citizen alert system
  • Procedure for using the citizen alert system
  • All in a bilingual, French-English version


Complete set of preventive communications

SKU: 366615376135191
  • Once your communications kit is ready, it will be sent to you electronically through a WeTransfer link.


    We suggest that you keep electronic copies on different media (PC, external hard drive, platform such as Google Drive, etc.) in order to have it quickly on hand when needed and to have more than one copy in case of computer failure.

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