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This kit is designed to simplify the communications work of cities and municipalities and ensure that their main needs are met in terms of press releases, social media posts and other platforms.


It alone represents more than 200 hours of specialized writing.


  • More than 50 easily adaptable texts, just add important names and contact details
  • Available for 5 platforms (website, social media, automated call system, press releases, and key messages)
  • More than 50 templates for 10 emergency situations
  • For bilingual municipalities, a bilingual version is available, at an additional cost


View the complete press release kit brochure


Specialized emergency measures press kit

SKU: 217537123517253
  • Once ready and adapted to your municipality / business, the kit will be sent to you electronically through a WeTransfer link.


    We strongly suggest that you keep it in several copies, either on a computer, external hard drive and content management software such as Google Drive, all to ensure that you have it quickly at hand in the event of a disaster.

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