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Developed according to your level of preparedness

Whether you are just taking your first steps in emergency measures or at a more advanced level, it can seem complex to determine the next steps to take in order to improve the level of resilience of your organization, which is why we have built all-inclusive programs adapted to your needs.



In a turnkey package, ideal for businesses, organizations and industries wanting to establish a solid foundation in emergency preparedness.

The program includes the complete steps to ensure the successful implementation of basic emergency management:

  • An Emergency Response Plan (with data collection and site visit) 

  • Five specific response plans (selected based on jointly identified risk levels)

  • Introduction to Emergency Management training

  • Emergency Plan Activation training

  • Mastering Emergency Roles training

  • Level 1 tabletop simulation/exercise

This service will provide you with personalized support during a disaster to facilitate your decision-making processes through the tumult of events.

We offer a 10-hour coordination support bank that includes:

  • Access to specialized emergency management resources

  • A dedicated emergency phone number that gives you 24/7 access to one of our specialists for personalized advice

  • The use of one of our virtual crisis rooms to organize your team meetings, with or without specialized support from us  

  • Customized support, on request, according to your issues


Please note that we accept a limited number of organizations to ensure that we can respond adequately to requests.



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