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Simulation/Tabletop Exercise Level1


Training description

This simulation activity is carried out without deployment in the field. It can be conducted remotely, using an internet platform, or in person on the company's site. The participants are led to take part in 3 successive workshops whose level of difficulty increases progressively.


This method, combined with personalized coaching, allows the entire group to reach a good level of understanding of each person's role within the Incident Management Center (IMC). In addition, this simulation forces all participants to interact to overcome complex situations that can only be resolved through collective action.


The coordinator will lead the coordination meetings, arbitrate specific options proposed to him and support his team to overcome the situation that the company will virtually face finally.

The main objectives are :


  • Allow each member of the IMC to step into their role,

  • To test the interaction between the different missions within the IMC

  • To allow the coordinator to exercise his leadership in an emergency

Duration: 5 hours

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