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Suzanne Roy

Senior Advisor, Accounting and Market Development

Passionate about civil security and emergency measures, Ms. Suzanne Roy has nearly 30 years of experience in the finance department of the City of Sainte-Catherine. Holding the title of Chartered Municipal Officer (OMA), she held the position of coordinator of administrative services and assistant treasurer. She therefore understands the challenges and reality of cities in a political and financial context.

Having also been manager of the civil security committee, Ms. Roy has solid experience in emergency measures (Native American crisis, floods, major fires, opening of a disaster service center during the ice storm, analysis of emergency alert systems, analysis of technological management tools for emergency measures, etc.).

Recently retired but being an active person who likes to take up new challenges, in addition to having already worked in close collaboration with StraTJ during the development of crisis management tools in emergency measurement and the preparation of several simulations of different risks potential, Suzanne has agreed to put her knowledge and experience at the service of the team and municipal leaders in order to protect the safety of the citizens of the province.

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